Since 2011 we were blessed to have opened doors to the nations, initially sharing the love for the revealed word of God. We began with a small discipleship in San Francisco. We ministered  people from many nations. Our first trip was to the Philippines.  Since then the passion has grown the calling has been established and the determination to carry out this ministry is stronger than ever.  Our apostolic mantle is that of Apostle Fernando Campos who has sent us as delegates to the International Ministry.  REMI is committed to carrying out faithfully our mission. 



Carry out the fast that God has chosen

Isaiah 58:6 

  • Set the oppressed free

  • Break all ties

  • Share bread with the hungry

Ministerios Ebenezer has established this as our vision, and we have seen the hand of God allowing us to do this spiritually and physically around the nations. 


Apostle Fernando Campos has led us under this mission,

1 Peter 5:2

Caring as shepherds the flock of God that is in our charge, with a desire to serve as God wants; being an example.

We have carried this mission to the apostolic field caring for ministers as a pastoral flock, the shepherd pastor will be able to shepherd the flock.